Learn About the Latest in Sports Footwear

Whatever activities you choose to do in your spare time the right footwear is essential. It might make the 100m final more interesting if they were donning high heels however it is not practical. The word technology is not usually associated with fashion however when it comes to sport fitness it is cutting edge. This article offers an impartial assessment of three leading models of sports footwear from three leading manufacturers.

We will start with walking then up the pace afterward. The Merrel Chameleon Wrap Ventilator Walking Shoe is not only a mouthful to say, it is also a model offering the latest in waterproof hiking. It has pig skin leather upper and over which combines with a breathable mesh lining making it waterproof without suffocating your feet. It works well whilst hiking however can be slippery on wet manmade surfaces. It is comfortable, durable and costs between 60-70GBP so is affordable. The only hitch being that everywhere seems to be out of stock.

From a brisk walk to a light job, next we have the Mizuno Wave Creation 8 running trainers. These use cutting edge sports footwear technology as they have replaced the standard cushion of foam with shock impact pillars which they call the Infinity Wave. They are excellent for rebound, durability and they have excellent reflective areas which makes running in the dark much safer. They have a couple of design hitches such as the side swishes which offer no advantage and are stiff, sometimes uncomfortable.

Now breaking into a full jog we have the New Balance 857 running trainers. These are excellent for the overpronators among us as they are excellently balanced as they have removed some of the padding from the forefoot that was present in the predeceasing model, the 854. New Balance have always lead with their technology and the 857 is no exception, it boasts ABZORB foam, the ABZORB SBS, Stability Web, TS2, Extended Web and Acteva Ultra Lite. This is possibly just the same as other manufacturers however it sounds impressive and the shoe is light, comfortable and effective.