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Watch Badboys (2011) : Online Movie In the 1970s, director Fukasaku Kinji’s Yakuza Papers films chronicled decades of gang warfare in post-war Hiroshima. Over three decades later, up-and-coming young director Kubata Takashi brings a new generation of Hiroshima motorcycle gangsters to the big screen with Badboys. Based on Tanaka Hiroshi’s hit comic series of the same name (which also spawned five animated OVAs in the 1990s), Badboys depicts a violent battle between three rival gangs in the aftermath of a gang-related murder in Osaka. A gripping, exciting gangster action drama starring some of Japan’s brightest young actors, Badboys is the kind of new blood the Japanese gangster genre needs!

Release Date:Mar 25, 2011
Production Company:
Production Countries:
Casts:Shinnosuke Abe, Yoshihiko Hosoda, Kazuki Namioka, Shôgo Suzuki
Plot Keywords:yankii, furyo

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